Are you an over the top coffee lover like me? Spending your birthday money on an espresso machine, just so you can have a cappuccino at any given time of day; whenever and however you want it? Or maybe Starbucks knows your order by heart because you’re a regular in their shop? Ok, maybe that’s just me, but I do have a feeling that someone out there shares my love for a yummy cup of Joe.

Coffee makes me happy, and nothing beats that first sip of happiness everyday, except knowing I don’t have to worry about staining my teeth! I love keeping a bright smile, its just one of those things that have always been important to me. When I was in High School I always opted for Crest white strips, they did an okay job but the flimsy piece of plastic that you lay over your teeth always slipped around and never stayed on. On top of that the harsh bleach started to eat away at my enamel, which ultimately resulted in me saying goodbye to the crest white strips forever.

Fast forward almost 7 coffee lovin’ years later to last month, I was noticing the color of my teeth seemed dull. That’s when I heard about Smile Brilliants whitening system, and decided to try it out for myself! I fell in love with how the system works. I received a kit in the mail to make my own dental impressions! Once I made my impressions, (which by the way is so easy) I mailed them in, and within a week I received my very own whitening trays that custom fit MY teeth. That’s right, they were delivered to my front door, which is so nice for a full time working mommy like me! Because they were custom to my teeth, the fit was so comfortable, I didn’t even realize I was wearing them!

My kit Included detailed instructions on how to whiten your teeth safely and effectively. It came with 4 tubes of whitening gel, as well as 4 tubes of desensitizing gel. The desensitizing gel was amazing at keeping my teeth and gums feeling good throughout the process. To fit this routine into my busy lifestyle, I made it a habit to whiten while I was getting ready for the day! By the time I took a shower, did my makeup, styled my hair, and got my daughter ready for the day my whitening session was completed! What I found worked best for me was to whiten my teeth every other day for 45 minutes and to use the desensitizing gel for about 20 minutes after each whitening session. I used roughly 1/3 of the whitening gel syringe if not less each time, which means you get plenty of product in the kit!

After about 2 weeks I started to notice my teeth getting brighter and whiter! And after week 5 my coffee stains were gone! Smile Brilliant is totally enamel safe which made me feel good knowing I wasn’t causing any more damage to my enamel. The only side effect I had in the beginning was gum sensitivity, which I was already made aware that it was one of the most common side effects! I rubbed coconut oil on my gums before I whitened to help put a barrier between the gel and my gums, which helped tremendously with the sensitivity. Below I have shared my before and after photos, my teeth were not super yellow before I started, however like I said they just seemed dull and not as bright as I would like.

I am so happy with my results! I would 100% recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone looking for a professional quality teeth whitening system, in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to try it out you can use my coupon code “lifeinourfarmhouse15” for “15% off site wide” by clicking here.

OK so here’s the exciting part!!! Smile Brilliant is kind enough to give one of my lucky readers/followers a whitening kit of their own, which is valued at $149! To enter into the Giveaway please read the following rules below.


  1. you must click on this link and enter the Giveaway by entering in your info.  Giveaway link:
  2. you must follow my Instagram page – lifeInOurFarmhouse
  3. You must like & comment by tagging 2 friends on my Instagram photo featuring Smile Brilliant posted on 7/13/2019

That’s it! The Giveaway will run from July 13,2019 to July 19, 2019 at 3pm EST! A winner will be chosen by Smile Brilliants search engine and will be notified via email. I will also announce the winner on my Instagram story!

Thanks for stopping by today! xoxo

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