I’m so exited to be sharing this post! Since we moved into our house in October, I have been driving my hubby crazy by begging him to put shelves in our pantry! The one thing I loved about our house plan when we picked it out was our walk in Pantry! I had a vision for this space, and he made it come to Life (Besides wanting an old antique door to enter into the pantry, still looking for the perfect one).

I wanted stained wooden shelves, with black metal brackets! I wanted to use some of the shelves by the window to show off some cute dishes and plants. My husband laughed asking “who’s even going to see the pantry?” But if you ask me, if a space feels inviting and well thought out, you’re more likely to keep it organized and functional! No matter how big or small the space you are working with is, you can always find a way to keep it organized and pretty! 

I Have been able to keep things hidden and tidy by purchasing different types of baskets and canisters! My favorite baskets are these wicker ones from Target! They were just the perfect size for my 10″ deep shelves and I love the texture & color they offer to the space! I plan on purchasing a few more of these to add to the space.

I also love Rustic Crates to help separate different things while keeping a country farmhouse feel! I found the one pictured above in the dollar section at Target for $5. Yep, I know I couldn’t believe it either. You can also find them at antique shops too!

The next thing I knew I needed were clear air tight containers with Labels! Labels help make everything functional, and organized! My amazing friend Andie made my labels with her circuit printer, but Etsy offers lots of different Vinyl labels for a very affordable cost! The Clear Contains help keep your food fresh, and easily accessible. I got a few of mine from Walmart and amazon and they have been amazing! I linked the exact containers I have below the next photo.

Mila Loves the New Pantry too!

Link to black and white bowl
Link to black/camel bowl
Link to cafe cups
Link to rooster Container

So I have yet to purchase a corner hutch to show off my dishes in the Dining room, and I sometimes wish I would have put exposed shelving in my Kitchen! So when we added the shelves in the pantry, I wanted to utilize the extra space to put some of my dishes on display! I know not everyone has enough space in their pantry for this, but if you do, its a fun way to make your pantry feel like a part of your home! I actually enjoy leaving the door open to this room now!

To Keep my Canned food organized and easy to reach, I purchased two of these wire basket from Amazon. The quality is great, and they are the perfect size for my shelf!

Thank y’all so much for stopping by today and I hope you are able to take some of these tips and organize your pantry too! Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start!

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xoxo Ashley

Posted by:Minimally_her

Hi I’m Ashley. I have a love for chic & neutral minimal style. I have a daughter who is 3 her name Is Mila, and i have been married for 8 years to my husband Nick. My goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident when it’s comes to beauty and fashion.

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